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How To Maintain Success

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How Your Brain Determines Whether You Will Lose Fat or Not: Day 14 of 14 Days of Fat Loss

Hello Diva,    Welcome to the last day of my 14 days of fat loss! Today I discuss the true decision maker in our lives, the brain.  What is the psychology of fat loss? I spend a lot of time as an integrative mental health therapist working with compulsive eating...

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How Constipation Is Blocking Your Fat Loss: Day 13 Of 14 Days Of Fat Loss

Hello Diva,  Welcome to day 13 of my 14 Days of Fat Loss! Today's topic is on constipation.   Fit 4 Life is about eating, moving, and thinking fit. To live fit, you must be healthy. To specifically lose fat (and keep it off), you will also need to be...

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How Your Thyroid Affects Your Fat Loss: Day 12 of 14 Days Of Fat Loss

Hello Diva!    Welcome to Day 12 of my 14 Days of Fat Loss! Today I am going to focus on metabolism, set point, and what role your Thyroid plays in fat loss.    I recently received a client who has presented specifically with Thyroid issues. She is on Thyroid...

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